Suki @theprintblock

Part of my DYCP Arts Council application involves collaborating with other artists and technicians to learn new skills and explore ways to make affordable art pieces alongside the larger ambitious works. 

With this in mind,  I have had the pleasure this week of working with Suki @theprintblock. Suki had seen my work and intuited that the silkscreen processes she has developed lend themselves to my ways of working. Starting with line drawings and experimenting I made a print and we spent the day proofing the various parts, adjusting colours and varying the marks to make a compelling original print. 

An artist for 40 years I have my own ways of working but I felt completely at ease working alongside Suki and we seemed to come to the same aesthetic and formal conclusions. A really positive experience. 

Serendipitously , if all goes well with final adjustments, I will be able to sell the editioned print from her Studio Print Sale 8th,9th and 10th July at Monks Hill Farm, Graveney alongside her other impressive collection of Artist’s prints. 

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