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Porcelain Miniatures

To ‘make a figure’ poses a lot of problems. Painted or sculpted, the flow of the process starts more easily than it ends, and the big problem is when to make the decision.

Sensual Objects

Beautiful sensual ceramic objects that combine the influence of oriental erotic art with the artists personal narrative. There is a conscious assertion in the work as a women artist and a feminist to claim a space for female pleasure and appetite.

Surreal Watercolours

Sometimes there is no way to make sense of circumstance which do not make sense. At these times we have to turn to art and poetry to negotiate what feels too confusing to be approached with a conscious rational mind.

Oil Paintings on Canvas

Peisley’s paintings invite the viewer to engage with the dialogue she has between her memory of self and others. There is an abstracted sense of self here which she is trying to reclaim.

Large Ceramic

Going to the maximum width of my kiln, this year I have made these large pieces in stoneware with mazerine underglaze. Combining my personal narrative with Folk Art.


Irreverently I enter into Greek mythology with an intention to feel the extremes of passion, terror and truth.

Acts of Devotion

Acts of devotion map personal relationships across a series of 45 porcelain pieces