Pandora’s Other Box SKIN exhibition August 2016

45 Artists including the opera singer Laure Meloy exhibiting over 100 pieces of Art in two galleries at the Horsebridge Art Centre in Whitstable.

This piece ‘Emerging through skin’ by Pam Caney, photographed by exhibiting photographer, Nikki Price.

The show was a resounding success with record number of visitors reflected in our comments book.

Some examples of the hundreds of comments:

‘Really interesting interpretations of a single word.’ Rob

‘Very thought-provoking and interesting responses to the brief. I loved the variety and the sense of the personal- and yet there were themes-connecting and emerging. Thank you for the insights.’ Rayya.

‘It was a unique display proving there is more to painting than it’s cover.’ Age 9

‘Extraordinary talent, wonderful ideas. We were recommended to come and see this exhibition and I’m so glad we did! Thank you!’ Mary Anne Smith

‘How amazing to it is to be able to create art that causes so many different responses! We love it’ Chris and Sue.

‘very very interesting- now off to have a conversation with daughter about bits she doesn’t know she has- thank you – sincerely’ wx

‘Great Collection, great variety on the theme, Nice to see something challenging and away fro the norm of Whitstable… fancied being reborn through the giant material vagina.

‘This is fantastic, so much good work, Well done Tracey P in putting this together with excellent Whitstable women’s produce and attracting great stuff from around and elsewhere, Power to all your skins,’ Julian Q

‘A journey to the engine room of life – captivating,’ Chris

The above cast nipple installation By Fake artists and below by Myrto Lykopoulo about her Grandmother.

Tracie Peisley Opening the Private view of SKIN

Laure Meloy responds with opera to the art works in SKIN with vignettes from famous Operas

Tracie Peisley is both an Artist and Curator

Tracie Peisley’s framed watercolour painting, ‘The whispering artillery’ is available for sale £750

Clair Meyrick read her poetry and exhibited her art work, moving into new media following her participation in the Pandora’s Other Box Enrichment Programme.

he exhibition created much animated discussion proving that the appetite for ‘Women only’ exhibitions. Both the back and front of Allie Lee’s embroidery are enjoyed in this hanging. Colleen Rouse (co-facilitator of POB) is shown here on the left talking to Lind Bulkley who exhibited and was part of the enrichment programme.

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