DYCP funding from the Arts Council

I am thrilled to announce that I have been awarded DYCP funding from the Arts Council. The funding is given to me to develop my creative practice. It will Supports training costs in learning how to use media such as glass and ceramic to further explore the paradox between brittleness and strength of psyche through making ambitious sculptural works and other pieces, it will allow me to receive mentoring from established women artists and complete a residency. It may morph slightly as is the nature of creative process but I am out to expand my horizons, take risks and connect.

There is a lot to reach for, an enriching programme of curated activities to attend and the as yet unrealised and unmade to achieve in 6 months.

Next week I will attend the Glass Hub in Wiltshire.

I will drop in here through out to post about developments as well as sharing on Instagram.

With huge thanks to those whose belief in me has helped me to sustain a 40 year art practice , the Arts Council for this acknowledgement and the opportunities it opens up for me  and Nathalie Banaigs at Kent Creative for her letter of support.

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