This collection of 30 pieces of porcelain (each between 11×9 -15x25cm) individually painted with traditional mazarin blue underglaze and gilded with gold lustre is about unapologetic economic, cultural, sexual and emotional escapism.

Irreverently I enter into Greek mythology with an intention to feel the extremes of passion, terror and truth. I study the myth then usurp the characters, giving myself the roles of beast, high priestess, courtesan or goddess. I feel empowered and mischievous charting these mythological creature filled waters.

Myths are only partial truths, an attempt to make sense perhaps of the mysteries of the universe. A complete escape for me from disempowerment and boredom. I greedily gorge on the stories and imagery from ancient Greek and Etruscan ceramics sitting in a domestic setting, on the floor space between the bed and the radiator; I ride chariots and tame oceans.

I frolic in these dioramas, and converse with the characters, feel the power, the murderous intentions and I enjoy the sensual rampaging of Gods and nymphs. In my work I am the wanton beast that lurks in a stay at home mum.

Pieces in this collection