Oil Paintings on Canvas

Peisley’s paintings invite the viewer to engage with the dialogue she has between her memory of self and others. There is an abstracted sense of self here which she is trying to reclaim.

We witness a ferocity of intention in the laying on and stripping back of paint, the packing of bright pigment, quilted together like the skin of Frankenstein to make viable figures that speak their indefatigable truths. Within calligraphic mark-making and pools of colour, her portraits demand a returning gaze. Hard to stay present to, they are disquieting, the enquiry feels relentless, the need for affirmation through consolidating these pieces repetitious, as she creates psychologically charged portraits, which, she wills to live.

Both the object and subject of the work, we see her physiognomy and that of close others merging as boundaries are ruptured and repaired through painting, through relationship, giving the figures the sense of being fluid and available for us to project into.

Pieces in this collection