Floral Armour

“As a classical singer, I need performance wear for orchestral concerts: I’ve often been envious of baritones and tenors, who only need to put on a dinner jacket to be ready to go on stage, while female singers have more trouble finding appropriate formal gowns. My Peisley Original feels like ‘my dinner jacket’ – perfect for the occasion and empowering as well.”
Laure, Jan 2017, Opera Singer

Tracie is an Artist and her designs are related to her 30 year practice of painting, collaging and sculpting. A piece by Tracie is a one off! There will be no other like it. It will be discreetly embroidered with the year of making. Some garments Tracie makes herself and others are made by a highly skilled seamstress in Whitstable. There is usually a three week waiting period. The garments are made with a mixture of vintage and designer fabrics, and Tracie’s own digitally printed designs from her art work. Tracie does not purchase large bolts of fabric so that some fabrics may be difficult to source. This makes each garment all the more unique.

Tracie believes that everyone is an individual and attracted to colours, fabrics and styles which say something about their identity, therefore she likes to work with her customers holding them and the occasion,the person’s style and interest in mind. However her artistic eye leads her to create strong compositions and pieces which work as art pieces. The person wearing a piece becomes a moving sculpture and Tracie endeavours to make the pieces interesting from all angles.

Tracie’s designs are original and stand outside of standard trends, they can be worn all year round for special occasions certainly and if you are happy to be admired wherever you go on a day to day basis.
The patterns are either Tracie’s own, designed and developed by a pattern cutter or vintage styles.

Tracie also likes to up-cycle garments and is happy to work with applique on pre-made and pre-loved garments that have areas that lend themselves to further decoration. The collage edges are sealed with a zig zag stitch however some fraying does occur and this becomes part of the piece’s look as does some improvised free hand sewing, embroidery and other embellishments.

Dresses which can include up to 10 fabrics and a full 50’s style skirt start at £345. They are graded into M&S sizes from 8 – 24.
A tailor fitted dress would involve meeting with the seamstress for a personalised fitting and would be an extra fee. Customers far away can send detailed measurements, either way a toile would be made to ensure a perfect fit.

Skirts start at £125. Coats are currently starting at £1,000 and require some weeks to design and make. The design is an adapted 1950’s pattern and is full length and lined. Appliqued pre-loved garments such as denim jackets and pilot suits are priced in accordance to the size and level of detail required. Jackets start at £250, I am currently working with a swing pattern and my own design developed from a military 1950’s Italian bomber jacket. Children’s dresses start at £75, each is bespoke and uniquely designed. Further one off commissions have included: capes, hats and evening wear.

It maybe that Tracie has some pre-made sample pieces available… Payment options are available.

“I want one of your dresses because… I believe getting dressed should be fun and powerful. I want to buy something unique and creative. I don’t want to be a victim of fashion. I want to own how I look. And lastly I feel that life should be colourful. How I dress is part of the pattern and colour of life.”
Dawn, Jan 2017, Arts consultant

Tracie can be contacted here.

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