Broken Plates Re-assembled

A fractured psyche is scratched out on fragments of porcelain. Each piece ( 28x28cm approximately) is part of a narrative from the past.

The art work responds to the broken circle of porcelain. Jung suggested the circle was symbolic of the self. Details from childhood are returned to in an attempt to recover from domestic trauma and abuse.

There is an attempt, through the making, to try to reclaim it and make sense of what happened. Parts are missing mirroring the black holes in memory, where significant detail is lost. The shards make a spherical puzzle. Each piece is painted with a clue to an incomplete picture because of dissociation or mental lock down.

The one piece shows my own slightly dysfunctional family which I attempt to hold together. The other is the family known from my childhood. The repeated ritual of gathering, attending to through drawing and painting, valuing and re-presenting is on-going. The pieces say, ‘here is my incomprehensible truth as a child and a mother now and then.’

Pieces in this collection