Caring for Carers

I have been invited to design and run a supportive/therapeutic pilot project for carers of people with Motor Neurone Disease.

I don’t know if you can begin to imagine what a rare thing a creative space can become for those who are constantly needed to care and respond for others. I feel like I’m walking lightly, holding them lightly, honouring them completely and rapidly distilling my skills so that they can have the best time with their art materials.

I was able to propose that each carer receive a box of art materials they would need for the course. So everything is there in one place and it’s a gift.

As a child I can recall the greatest excitement at unwrapping a pack of felt tip oens in every colour. They might only have last 5 minutes but they looked like every colour that ever existed. My own daughter audibly gasped when she opened my new unassuming box of coloured pencils and saw the the waxy vibrant tips.

When I fumble with things and I have to problem-solve like I am now, willing my galloping horse to manifest… I think of how to explain to others how we can make what seems impossible possible.

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