Belief is Sacred

To be at ease in space, any space should be a given. Existing and moving through air, inhaling, exhaling. Lifting one’s hand to make a mark and let a drawing unravel from the unconscious should be a dance.

Now even though I consider myself to be uninhibited mostly creatively this level of focus and freedom at the same time coming together in this drawing, came after much processing of sticky stuff in my psyche that was preventing me to be at ease in space. This space is not always available mentally or practically.

The role of the witness… having an atmosphere of reverence, confidence in my ability not only held internally by me, but by the filmmaker who I trust to honour my process completely, also makes a vast empty space, a space I can be at ease in. My sister’s loft space loaned briefly. There is no existential loneliness here… instead a sense of containment and care and perhaps some urgency. If not now then when? The very temporary nature of the experience willing me to make these marks now.

The drawing is like a still from a bigger drawing and extending narrative. It’s a drawing that doesn’t need to be anchored. Its confident.

The belief in the creative process is the sacred part of this and I share this certainty in everything I do. I believe in it passionately. And that this process is believed in now, not just by me and that I can absorb that belief… this makes it an experience worthy of capture.

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