Touching the wire

I take myself to my own psychological edge through my work. I call it,’ touching the wire’. I hope by using art to go close to trauma I can see it, identify it, name it and maybe transform it. The processes can be triggering. I wanted to lay down and go to sleep. Processing trauma …

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I am attracted to glass because it is both hefty and brittle, holds space while being translucent. It’s a living form responsive to its environment. It’s incredibly unwieldy and difficult to bend to one’s will or intention. This very stubbornness makes me want to marry my will to it. Supported by a DYCP Arts Council …

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Featured in Kolaj

Peisley is now featured in Kolaj – An International Directory of Contemporary Collage Artists. See more here:

Seen and Heard

Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Art Gallery, invited artists to send in their most strangely beautiful examples on the theme of My Strange Clay to celebrate their current exhibition. Peisley’s ceramic piece ‘love letters to spam’ was selected to showcase on their feed.


I was invited to be part of this amazing self published zine by women who had mostly met on the Graphics Narrative course at the Royal Drawing School led by Dr. Sarah Lightman. My recent drawings of ‘Beasts’ fitted into the theme of re-wilding. The international cohort of 18 women share their diverse and talented …

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Interview with Clare Smith

Interviewing Artist Clare Smith, pictured here in her Dover studio. I met Clare on the drawing Correspondence programme and since we have formed a supportive group. As Clare faces a worsening prognosis we want to introduce others to her work. This week the Wellcome Collection are running an article about her in their stories online …

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As my art was my Witness

I am going to be curating works as exhibitions around a theme. This will become a new curated space that will mirror more accurately my multidisciplinary practice that isn’t linear but has consistent areas of intense enquiry. A narrative will come through which has some personal truth and content that invites connection. I like the …

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Arts Council Bid

I contain multitudes, I am a multidisciplinary artist shifting my practice to different media according to the media that best suits my psychological state and the inspiration. I understand that trauma has caused me to use my work to circumnavigate life experiences. It provides me with a way of moving close to complex areas and …

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Fraser looks to be an ordinary young man. I met him in Bristol working at the Arnolfini Art Centre in Bristol waiting tables. I could have asked anyone in my home town to be a model for me. I wasn’t expecting an epiphany but are they ever anticipated. I realised that in my making I …

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Rituals was made as a way of addressing experiences of trauma. I have experienced bouts of mental illness and depression my whole life and engaged with different therapeutic interventions to assuage breakdown. At the point of starting this film in 2018, I felt my death was imminent and saw myself ‘dead’ everywhere. I was in …

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The Body I am in

Drawing Correspondence Programme I first saw a drawing of Anita Taylors in 1989 when studying on the Fine Art MA in Birmingham, I absorbed some of her teachings vicariously through her students who had come from Cheltenham. The drawing stayed with me, a plaintive nude. It might have been an etching. I had followed Anita …

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Caring for Carers

I have been invited to design and run a supportive/therapeutic pilot project for carers of people with Motor Neurone Disease.


My first film ‘contraction’, a one minute collage of three pieces, was selected for the silent film show case as part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2021.

The Loneliness of Knowing

Such is the nature of my creative process that after working intensely in a diagrammatic way the surface asks to be broken into and the containing lines made looser. What comes through is a truer (?) rendition of the feelings the protective function of controlled drawing shielded. This place forces me to take breath, the …

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A Backing Choir

I have had time to reflect on this piece and I think it is trying to hold some fantasy/reality of my own potency as a women and artist, a leader, a loved person, a person in dialogue with herself and others.

Pandoras Other Box News

Since November 2020 I have been leading a small fortnightly POB project for women through zoom. With all the challenges of homeschooling and keeping my creative practice, I needed to touch base with other creative women. I have been studying trauma and different therapeutic processes and began leading workshops around how we might find our …

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A film still by Tracie Peisley and Nicholas Godsell ‘Nothing seemed to touch the depression I experienced, I saw myself dead everywhere. I lay down in the snow, naked and felt the ice burning my skin. Following this imperative need to come through the death feeling to a feeling of aliveness I decided to not …

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All work is signed with ceramic pencil, fired into the clay and/or inscribed or painted on the artwork.

Going the Extra Step: A Compendium of Best Practice in Dementia Care

Peisley’s workshop featured in the Housing Learning and Improvement Network case study, Going the Extra Step: A Compendium of Best Practice in Dementia Care. Once Upon A Time workshop at Copperfields A creative group of women living with dementia have rediscovered magical memories while creating textile books, thanks to an innovative new workshop. Artist and …

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