The Art Sticks Me Tangibly to the World

If only I could have been 53 years ago I wouldn’t have worried so much. The threshold of thinking,

‘everything is out there and there is everything to play for’ has passed.

I know now:

what I needed to know I’ve always known.

what I needed to find I’ve already found and

I already ‘have’ what I need within me to do almost anything.

Over time I seem to learn the same lessons, go over the same ground, get stuck on the same points. Metaphorically speaking I till the same furrow in the same landscape.  My tiller or plough is the creative process and the guiding force is my emotional life. The horse and the tiller are married, I invest everything in this relationship. Each artwork is a manifestation of ploughing another rich and enriching field.

Being an Artist sustains me, accompanies me through my life, without it I fear a kind of existential loneliness would suck me into a void. The art sticks me tangibly to the world. It’s reliable and steadfast without it, I would be hurtling through the galaxy.

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