Art helps… support for carers

Art and relationship offer some respite and process time for the difficulties of being with another person who is suffering.

I lead an Art group for the carers of those with MND ( Motor Neurone Disease) which ran for six sessions over zoom. We considered their many achievements. So many that they took them for granted. We went on to design and make clay trophies. This shining star is by Trevor, a plumber by trade he had made a beautiful garden sculpture from crystal and copper piping for his wife to enjoy.

More than any other group I noticed they all had exceptional problem-solving skills, perhaps from having to adapt to the changing and escalating needs of their loved ones.

It was a privilege to offer them some art time,  with all the pressing demands. With the help of the MND Association and squeezing out an hour a week to be together, we made it happen.

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